Planning: More greenbelt destroyed by Whitefield Mercedes dealership

I’ve written about the various planning applications submitted by the Mercedes dealership on Manchester Road many times before. I am again dismayed to see that the council have done nothing about the continued destruction of trees and green spaces by LSH Autos, who own that particular Mercedes franchise.

The following planning application has been approved:

Non-material amendment following grant of planning permission 61834 for change of use of land to … – Mercedes-Benz of Whitefield, 845 Manchester Road, Bury, BL9 9TP

Ref. No: 62496 | Received date: Thu 22 Feb 2018 | Status: Decided | Case Type: Planning Application

Please read the comments from local residents. They are very unhappy that Bury’s planning department are not able to enforce the restrictions that have been placed upon the plans that have been granted. Instead, LSH and Mercedes are bent on destruction of our woodland areas in order to build bigger car parks.

I stand with the residents of Ajax Drive, who all agree that LSH Autos and Whitefield Mercedes are bad neighbours.