Unsworth local election debate Monday 30th April at Hollins Community Centre

On Monday 30th April, Spotted Unsworth: Uncut will be hosting a special Question Time-style debate. The three Unsworth ward local election candidates vying for your vote on Thursday 3rd May will be on the panel, to answer questions from the moderator and local residents. The debate starts at 7.30pm at Hollins Community Centre and the following candidates will be there to answer your questions:

Steve Middleton (Liberal Democrats) – me! Come and say hi.

Tahir Rafiq (Labour)

Satyen Sinha (Conservatives)

The debate starts at 7:30pm and will last approximately 90 minutes. It will comprise of the moderator asking a question submitted by the audience or from himself. One minute to answer the question for each candidate and then 5-10 minutes of debate and input by the audience.

A link to the Facebook Event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/384510282031678/

I hope you can come along and provide me with a little support. No doubt the Labour candidate will want to fill the room with his supporters, it would be preferable if the room was, instead, filled with local residents who want to ask important questions about the future of Unsworth, rather than loaded party political questions. I look forward to seeing you there.