Gritting Map

I must admit,  until recently, I did not know that Bury Council published a helpful map and list of routes across Unsworth and Bury that they have gritted. Given the recent bad weather, this may prove useful. Simply click on the map below to be taken to the Council’s website, where a updated and scrollable map will show you the current status. A list of roads is displayed below the maps. Unhelpfully, Unsworth has been lumped in with all the other Bury roads – rather than separating us out, like they have done with Whitefield, Radcliffe and Prestwich. Best to use a search within the page to find currently gritted roads, if you are looking through the list.

In very bad weather “essential routes” (those which provide access through the borough and maintain local access to critical services such as hospitals, ambulance stations and key points in the food and fuel distribution networks) will be treated first.