Apologies for my absence

After a long break from writing on the website and in the Unsworth e-Focus newsletter, I am delighted to announce a return to regular publishing here. A combination of needing permission from work to stand and campaign in elections as well as the time and effort I have spent attempting to gain my private pilot’s licence has meant that I had to cease all political activity for a while.

I am grateful to work for, once again, allowing me to stand as a candidate in a local election. With that, I am please to announce that I have been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Unsworth ward in the upcoming Bury local elections in May 2018.

I have not quite completed my flight training to gain my private pilot’s licence yet, but I am fairly close now, if only our poor weather would improve!

I look forward to meeting with local residents over the next two months as we get closer to local election day. I am interested in how Unsworth residents feel our Labour councillors have performed in the last year – and what local residents think of Labour replacing a councillor who lives locally with one who lives miles away from the ward on the other side of Prestwich. Do let me know!