Elections 2017

Very few people will be unaware of the upcoming General Election which is due to take place on June 8th 2017, but there are a couple of other very important elections which are due to take place on 4th May 2017. In Besses ward, which encompasses parts of both Whitefield and Unsworth, one of the local councillors has stood down and a by-election has been called to elect a replacement. Gavin Warnes has been nominated by 10 Besses residents to be the Liberal Democrat candidate. Gavin has been active in the area for a good while now and there will not be many people in Besses ward that has not received a leaflet or letter from him. Gavin and the team are currently knocking on doors and meeting with local residents, which demonstrates his commitment in this upcoming election. I urge you, if you live in Besses ward, to vote for Gavin and elect annother Liberal Democrat councillor onto Bury Council. If you are on Facebook, you can connect with Gavin here https://www.facebook.com/gavinwarnesLD/
Additionally, across all of Greater Manchester (including all of Bury), there is an election on May 4th to elect a Greater Manchester Mayor. In Bury, we have rejected elected mayors more than a few times, but unfortunately in order pave the way for the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ we were forced to accept an elected mayor. Jane Brophy is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor and Jane is the only proudly passionate pro-European candidate in this election. Jane’s top priority is to halt the aggressive Brexit agenda threatening Bury’s jobs, trade and businesses. You can visit Jane’s website and learn more about her plans, plus read her manifesto here http://www.janebrophy.com

I have been campaigning in Besses ward with Gavin and have delivered thousands of Jane’s leaflets across both Besses and Unsworth wards. If you are reading this, chances are I’ve pushed a Lib Dem leaflet through your door in recent weeks.

While this blog is primarily concerned with local issues, it is hard to ignore regional and national elections, so I am writing this to urge you all to vote Liberal Democrat on May 4th and June 8th.
Let us send a message to Bury’s Town Hall that we are not happy with the status quo and we want change. We want to protect our green belt. We want to keep our libraries open. We want our roads and pavements and other council assets to be looked after. We want the council’s finances spent in a responsible manner.
Let is send a message to this government that a very large proportion of us do not want a ‘Hard Brexit’ where we will crash out of the European Union with no deal (or a bad deal). We, the people, want a say on what the final deal with the EU is BEFORE we leave the union.
By voting Liberal Democrat on June 8th, you can send a powerful message to the Government and the country – please vote Lib Dem.