New Planning Application: Demolition of houses on Manchester Road

A new planning application has been submitted to Bury Council by the owners of the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Whitefield. LSH Auto Properties (UK) Ltd via their Agent Terence O’Rourke Ltd have submitted a proposal to demolish two cottages on Manchester Road (numbers 853 and 857) which adjoin each other and are located next to the entrance to the dealership.

They propose to demolish the existing properties and replace them with a car park for Mercedes customers.

At a time when Bury Council are telling us there is not enough housing stock and proposing to build on our greenbelt, I do not believe the demolition of these perfectly good houses should be permitted (and I am in the process of putting together a legal objection to the planning committee). Up until very recently, number 857 was occupied and the property is in excellent condition, having been looked after for many years. Number 853 has been vacant for some time, however the metal covering the doors and windows seems to have protected the building from the elements and vandalism.

It is my opinion that both these houses would make excellent family homes and I do not believe that a car park is worth losing these excellent examples of 1900s architecture. Details of the application are linked below (link takes you to Bury Council’s planning portal).

Demolition of 853 and 857 Manchester Road and change of use of land to customer car parking area … – 853 & 857 Manchester Road, Bury, BL9 9TP

Ref. No: 61239 | Received date: Mon 13 Mar 2017 | Status: Application registered | Case Type: Planning Application

If you wish to add your own objection to the planning application, please click the link above and then click on the ‘comments’ tab. If you do not already have an account with the Council’s planning portal, you will need to register first (it’s free!). Once I have taken some advice, I will be submitting my own objection.

Comments on this are always welcome, either below this post, via email to or you can call/text me on 07870 444 235


  1. Steve Middleton April 13, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    I have now submitted an objection to this planning application. The relevant points for objection within Bury Council’s own ‘UDP’ are as follows:

    Further overintensification of the site which was only granted planning consent in 2013 (application no 56517)
    Application appears to be contrary to Bury UDP H3/2 Existing Incompatible Uses “the Council will encourage &, where appropriate, implement measures to control the intensification or expansion of non-conforming uses where possible”.

    Contrary to H2/6 Garden and Backland Development. The Council will not permit proposals which will result in the loss of private gardens & backland for infill development unless such proposals can be shown not to adversely affect the character & amenity of the area.

    May be contrary to S4/4 Car Showrooms. Proposals should take account of the following factors: road safety, safety of pedestrians & amenity of nearby residents & businesses.

    I have stated on my objection that Bury is short of housing stock & these are perfectly good homes that could house 2 families. Given the housing shortage in Bury, if the application is granted, a condition should be added that developer builds two new affordable homes in the ward. Lets see how they take that suggestion (and the objection as a whole!).

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