Police & Crime Commissioner end of term feedback

On Thursday 4th May 2017 all of the Greater Manchester councils (including Bury) will hold an election to decide who will be the region’s next Mayor. I sincerely hope you will consider voting for the Liberal Democrat candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor Jane Brophy (you can read more about Jane here on her website) but the outgoing interim Mayor and Police & Crime Commissioner (Tony Lloyd) is collecting feedback on police and crime issues, which will be presented to the incoming Mayor.

If you have anything to contribute you are invited to email Claire Millett the PCC’s Engagement Strategy Officer at claire.millett@gmpcc.org.uk
In particular, Claire would like to hear if you are able to provide contributions for the following three questions..
1) What has been successful?
2) What needs to continue?
3) What else is there to be done?
The PCC’s office would like you to reply via email by Monday 3rd April.
An electronic version of the PCC’s report is available here: https://www.gmpcc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/PCC-END-OF-TERM-REVIEW-WEBONLY-5.pdf