Council Starts process for Bury Development Plan

Bury Council has issued a Notice of Intention to begin the development (for the third time) of a development plan for Bury – this would replace the existing saved policies of the Bury Unitary Development Plan.

A Local Plan is a plan that is drawn up to guide and manage future growth and development (such as housing, offices, industry, warehousing and retail). It contains planning policies that will be used as the basis for determining planning applications and identifies sites where this development should be built as well as areas where development should be restricted.

The following information has been sent from Bury Council:

The new Bury Local Plan will form part of a set of documents that will together form Bury’s overall development plan. The development plan for Bury will ultimately comprise of:
– the Bury Local Plan;
– the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF);
– the Greater Manchester Joint Waste Plan; and
– the Greater Manchester Joint Minerals Plan.

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework
Bury Council has also been involved in the preparation of the GMSF since 2014 and, if adopted, this document would form a key part of Bury’s development plan. Consultation on a draft of this document ended in January 2017. The GMSF process recently consulted on:
– How much housing land and employment floorspace is needed to 2035 and it identified a number of strategic site allocations across Greater Manchester to assist in meeting these needs;
– Proposed revisions to the Greater Manchester Green Belt to accommodate the identified strategic sites;
– The importance of infrastructure such as health, education, transport, green spaces and utilities to support neighbourhoods and employment; and
– Ways to protect and improve the environment.

Bury Local Plan
Given that the GMSF will form an integral part of Bury’s development plan, it is important to note that the approach set out in the GMSF will need to be reflected in the Bury Local Plan. In particular, the Local Plan will incorporate and reflect the levels of growth, the strategic policy approach, strategic site allocations and any revisions to the Green Belt that may evolve through the GMSF.

As a key early stage in the preparation of the Local Plan, we will initially be producing a report setting out the main issues that the Plan should be seeking to address and the reasonable options for addressing these. In order to assist in preparing this report, the Council is currently seeking views on what you think the Local Plan should contain in terms of what you feel are the key planning issues for Bury and what should, in broad terms, be the main aims of the Local Plan. Comments are invited over a six-week period from 6 March to 17 April 2017.

The Council is keen to promote the submission of comments electronically and would encourage anyone with appropriate facilities to make their responses in this way to Alternatively, comments can be returned by post to the following address:

Strategic Planning and Economic Development
Department for Resources and Regulation
3 Knowsley Place
Duke Street
Bury BL9 0EJ

All responses should be received by no later than 17:00 on Monday 17 April 2017.