Libraries final consultation starts on Monday

On Monday 30th January the final Libraries closure consultation opens for 10 weeks (ending on 10th April 2017). In the last few months, we’ve seen hundreds of Unsworth and Whitefield residents sign our petitions, however, we need more of you to lend your support. Please tell your friends and neighbours: this will be your last chance to have a say about the closure of Unsworth and Whitefield libraries. No matter which of the two final options the Council ultimately chooses, neither option would see Unsworth or Whitefield libraries remain open. You can read the Bury Council report to Cabinet on the initial consultation and the two options here.

If either of the two options presented to Cabinet are approved, then by July 2017 the 3,600+ Unsworth library members and 3,700+ Whitefield library members will face a long journey to Prestwich, Radcliffe or Bury just to read a book or use the internet. These proposals affect the most vulnerable the hardest – those without cars will be faced with bus journeys of at least half an hour (if not longer, depending on traffic and time of day). The Council does not seem to consider our libraries an important service, seemingly accepting that a minimal service “will do”.

While the Council does need to save money, this is not the right way to do it. The Council has not properly investigated the use of volunteers and does not seem to have even considered relocating libraries to other community facilities (perhaps Sunnybank Community Centre or Hollins) or what about a mobile service?

Once the petition has 2,500 signatures it must be considered by the Bury Council Cabinet, so our target is more than 2,500 signatures by 1st April 2017.

Please sign today!