How to object to the Green Belt plans for Unsworth

If you agree with Unsworth and Bury Liberal Democrats that building thousands of houses on green belt land in Unsworth is the wrong move for our area, then please get involved. The two most important things you must do right now (and certainly before the consultation closes at midnight on 16th January 2017) is register your objection on the GMSF portal and sign our petition). Full links and instructions are below.

Writing your objection

It’s important to include your full name and address.

Indicate which specific allocations you are objecting to. In Unsworth, the following allocations directly affect us:

  • 14.6 hectares of land off Hollins lane, Unsworth – Submission id 1452551197614
  • 3.57 hectares of land at Borden Way, off Croft Lane – submission id 1472126968989
  • 9.17 hectares of land off Parr Lane/Castle Road at “CASTLEBROOK FARM AND STABLES” – submission id 1472832667856

Refer to the impact of the proposals – the loss of 49.1% of green belt in the entirety of Unsworth and Whitefield for a start, that’s almost 70 acres (27.34 hectares to be exact).

Give evidence and statistics – the fact that the GMSF’s own report states access is poor, with lots of unadopted roads and footpaths. They admit that local roads and public transport infrastructure would need a ‘substantial’ upgrade.

Make sure you make it a personal statement of how this will affect YOU and YOUR community – make a heartfelt appeal


Submitting your objection

There are a few ways you can send in your objection:

Via the web:

You can make your objection direct on the GMSF portal : link to GMSF portal

By post :

Greater Manchester Integrated Support Team
PO Box 532
Town Hall
M60 2LA

By email :

Sign the petition

Sign the ‘Hands off Bury’s Green Belt’ petition below.