Parking problems in Unsworth

There appears to have been a recent spike in reports of parking problems across Unsworth and Whitefield in the past few weeks. At Unsworth pole, problems continue with lack of spaces throughout the day and into the early evening, with significant problems around 8-9am. A few people have told me that they have received ‘fines’ aka parking fee demands as much as £100 as a result of parking in the car park behind the Bay Horse pub, which is run by Holts. That land does belong to the brewery, rather than the council and as much as we hate it, they do have the right to charge for parking there. I’ve seen more reports on Facebook and Streetlife about people being ‘fined’ for parking behind the pub. The website provides a lot of good advice for motorists who have received parking fee demands from private companies.

The problems continue on Parr Lane outside the Co-op, with shoppers and cash point users continuing to park on the double yellow lines in between the junctions of Randale Drive and Chadderton Drive.

I have been in contact with NSL Services Ltd who provide parking warden services on behalf of Bury Council and asked them to patrol these two areas, primarily to enforce the waiting restrictions in place at both those locations. With luck, we will see a parking attendant presence in both these locations, so I would suggest in order to avoid parking fines, please do not park on double yellow lines, beyond the two-hour limit at the Pole and avoid parking in the car park behind the Bay Horse pub (or pay the fee if you must park there).

I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has comments about parking issues in Unsworth.

I have also been contacted regarding the land grab by the Porada restaurant on Bury New Road/Church Lane, however there is not much to tell on that front at the moment. The council has made the restaurant owners an offer to resolve the land grab issue in a formal and legal way, however at the time of writing that offer has not been taken up. I will blog on this later as and when I know more.