Library service consultation ends – thank you for your support

In the past few months I have blogged here, here and here about Bury Council’s review of our library services. The expectation was that some libraries would close and as Unsworth Library almost closed 3 years ago, local residents are worried that our library is likely to disappear.

The first stage of the consultation has now ended and I am pleased to report that almost 400 people signed my e-petition (398 to be exact) to save Unsworth Library. Compare that with the 50 who signed the Save Prestwich Library petition and it is clear that passions run high for our local library. The petition (along with comments submitted by the Bury public) will be put to the Council’s Cabinet in late October and then a second consultation on actual proposals will run from November 2016 until February 2017 (I will blog further once the second consultation begins).

A final report will be put before Bury Council’s Cabinet in March 2017 and following a library staff consultation, implementation of their proposals is expected to take place in July 2017.