Development proposals revealed for Park 66, Pilsworth

The Hollins Village Community Association met last night and the developers of the land at Park 66, Pilsworth (the site of the former Cinema and Bowling Alley) were present to discuss their proposals.

They are proposing a 50/50 split of warehousing and retail. Not all of the land can be built on, due to the location of gas and water pipes.

The site of the former bowling alley will be:
JD sports with gym upstairs and a camping store.
Food warehouse (part of Iceland chain).
Home bargains

The former cinema area will be warehousing.

Aldi have first refusal to build on the former cinema car park.
If Aldi do not take this up, then Costa and KFC (drive through) are considering the site for development.

It is good to finally put all the rumours of prisons, IKEA stores, football grounds and houses to bed. While the cinema car park area is still undecided, we at least now have a good idea of what will and will not appear on the site. This is good news for Hollins, Unsworth and Bury as a whole. Some of the rumoured proposals (if they had transpired) could have caused some serious traffic issues to Hollins and Pilsworth residents (especially on Croft Lane). Public transport is almost certainly not up to the task for these proposals, but should they get planning permission, it would make sense for the bus companies to sort this out.

I’m generally pleased with this turn of events. Of course, until we see some concrete plans submitted (and some actual concrete setting on site), these are just ‘proposals’, so I reserve full judgement until planning permission is sought and granted.