Update: Fridays car accident outside Parr Lane Co-op store

I’ve written two letters today about the car accident that happened last Friday outside the Co-op store on Parr Lane. The first letter was to Bury Council’s Traffic Management Department, in which I asked them to do more to enforce the double yellow lines outside the Co-op, install a temporary 20mph zone around that section of Parr Lane (which the council can do, due to the proximity of a local school) and thirdly to re-open the consultation into the proposed permanent 20mph zone which we are due to have installed around Sunny Bank Road, Randale Drive and Chadderton Drive. The consultation on the proposed 20mph zone ended in February, before either of these two incidents occurred and as such the speed problem on Parr Lane, in my view, has not adequately been taken into account.

The second letter I wrote was to our local Police neighbourhood team. I have asked the Police to immediately begin enforcement of the existing 30mph speed limit on Parr Lane and longer term, to offer their suggestions on what can be done to protect residents and their property from further accidents of this nature.

As a result of the second and most recent accident on Parr Lane, a number of local residents have had their cars very badly damaged. I have not seen or heard anything about the persons involved, but it is my sincere hope that no-one has been injured.

It is obvious we have a serious and pressing safety matter outside the Co-op on Parr Lane in Unsworth and I will be continue to ensure that we get permanent measures in place to reduce the possibility of further accidents, before someone is killed.