No Gypsum Products at Recycling Centres

Greater Manchester Waste have announced a change to the waste permitted at service Changes at the Recycling Centres (tips). From Sunday 1st May, all Recycling Centres in Greater Manchester will no longer accept cement-bonded asbestos and plasterboard/gypsum products.

Alternative facilities will be provided at weighbridges.

According to GM Waste, this change in service is required to ensure that these types of waste are collected and managed properly. By allowing householders to dispose of these materials at weighbridges only, we can target any potential misuse from commercial and trade activity. When the service change takes effect on 1st May, residents can dispose of household cement-bonded asbestos or plasterboard/gypsum products at one of the facilities where there is a weighbridge (where the commercial/council delivery vehicles go) that accepts that material.

For further information on the changes; a list of the weighbridge facilities; the opening times and which material (cement-bonded asbestos and/or plasterboard/gypsum products) is accepted at each facility, visit

Summer opening times for the Tips are 8am-8pm every day. This helpful leaflet explains more.