Postal votes for Unsworth ward, local election 2016

If you currently vote by post (or signed up to vote by post before the deadline passed on Tuesday) you should have received your postal vote by now. If you are a postal voter and have not received your ballot paper, please contact Bury Council’s Electoral Services on telephone 0161 253 5252 or complete the Contact us form here.

If you have a postal vote you can return it freepost using the envelope provided or your ballot taken down to the polling station (any polling station in Bury) before 10.00pm on Thursday 5th May 2-16. If you intend taking your postal vote to a polling station, you still need to complete it first (ie fill the envelope in as if you were going to post it, and take the completed, sealed envelope to the polling station.

Local Elections take place across Bury this year on Thursday 5 May 2016. If you’ve realised that you are not going to be able to vote that day,there is still time to apply for a proxy vote (where someone else can vote in person at a polling station, on your behalf).

The deadline for applying to vote by proxy is 5pm on Tuesday 26 April 2016. Use the same contacts for Electoral Services as above.

You will find my name on the Unsworth ballot paper, my name is the 4th one down. I urge you to vote for change this year, let’s have something different for Unsworth. Labour already have three councillors representing Unsworth, its time for someone different. The Green, UKIP and Conservative candidates don’t live in Unsworth – pick local, vote Steve Middleton.