Update: Randale Drive and Chadderton Drive water leaks

I’ve been in touch with United Utilities over the last 2 days regarding separate water leaks on Randale Drive and Chadderton Drive. First, a further update on Randale Drive (see picture).

imageIt’s been over a month since I last blogged about the surface water that has been on Randale Drive at the junction of Rhodes Drive for quite a long time and the situation has not improved. United Utilities tell me they responded to my report and their night team inspected the site twice; they tested the surface water for chlorine (a tell-tale sign that the water had come from mains or sewers) and the result is that there is no chlorine present in the surface water. This means that while we do not know the source of the water, we can be fairly certain that there is not a mains leak underneath Randale Drive. I have been in touch with the Environment Agency and will now be reporting the problem to Bury Council, as it is likely to be a spring, which puts the problem squarely with the Council. I will update again when I have news.


Last week the fire hydrant access outside my house started to leak water onto Chadderton Drive (see photo). I’m very pleased to report that United Utilities inspected the leak very quickly and the leak was fixed this afternoon. Well done UU for a quick response and job well done.

Fire hydrant leak