Bury cyclist dies after striking pothole

It was upsetting to read in the Bury Times that an 83 year old cyclist from Ramsbottom has died after he hit a pothole on Bury New Road in the town. In 2014 I blogged here about the millions of pounds that the Liberal Democrat-Conservative coalition government gave to Bury Council to start to tackle the pothole problem across the borough. But have they spent it? If not, where has the money gone?

I see today in the Bury Times that another £105,000 has been given to Bury Council from the current government’s Pothole Action Fund. This will fund around 1,900 pothole repairs across the whole of the Bury Metro area, which is a drop in the ocean when you see just how many of our roads are in desperate need of repair.

While no money can bring back the cyclist that has died as a result of Bury Council’s inaction, we Liberal Democrats on the council will be pushing for the already allocated funds to be spent in full on road repairs and, if elected to council, I will be ensuring that money is spent in Unsworth.

Your existing Labour councillors in Unsworth would rather spend this money in Bury Town Centre and on a Prestwich bus lane scheme which no-one wants – do you want four more years of this? How many more cyclists must die before the Council is forced to take road safety seriously?