Greater Manchester Councils publish ‘Call for Sites’ Map

Greater Manchester Councils, including Bury Council, have been asking developers, land owners and residents for ‘suggested site for future development. They have now published the first map of sites suggested. This is available here.

The information will help to determine whether there are areas of land available for development that individual districts or Greater Manchester are not currently aware of. These sites are promoted by owners and/or developers and have not been endorsed by Councils at this stage. Decisions on whether sites will or will not be supported will be made at a later stage and made public when a draft GMSF is produced in the autumn of 2016.


The largest areas suggested for development are near us. This includes land between parts of Unsworth and Whitefield but by far the largest area anywhere in Greater Manchester a huge area of land between Middleton, Heywood and Whitefield.

Although none of this is confirmed or approved at this stage, but we feel that we need to be very vigilant about any future threats to the important green spaces that surround Unsworth, Whitefield and other areas. If you’re interested in joining us in our campaign to Defend our Green Spaces you can sign up here.