Unsworth and Whitefield abandoned by Bury Labour

At the beginning of 2014 (more than 12 months ago), I began voicing my frustration at the lack of council maintenance in Unsworth and Whitefield. Broken paving slabs on pavements left unrepaired, the same graffiti on council bins for years and years and flooding in our parks and fields. I talked about these problems, tweeted about them, blogged about them and heard nothing. Suddenly, as last year’s local elections came close Bury Labour posted that the ‘Besses Labour Team Tackle Park Flooding‘ along with a picture of newly-elected Councillor Mary Whitby standing beside the flooding at Thatch Leach Lane park.

On closer inspection the blog post from February 2014 on the Bury Labour website contains the following vague promises: “The Labour Party’s local team in Besses has been making efforts to ensure that the recent torrential rain and flooding does not cause too much disruption to the lives of residents.” and “Bury Council are now looking at the drainage issues in the area.”

Predicatably, nothing was done about the flooding in 2014 and nothing has been done about it in the first half of 2015. I’m sure when asked, the Bury Labour group will answer that they ‘made efforts’ and that Bury Council have ‘looked at the drainage issues’. But we did not want them to just ‘look’, we want action.

Sunny Bank Wood in Unsworth has the same drainage issues as Thatch Leach Lane park (see picture)

Flooding at Sunny Bank Wood


Flooding is not the only issue in Sunny Bank Wood. The refuse and dog bins have been in a shocking state for many years, vandalised and daubed in offensive graffiti, the Council continue to empty the bins on a regular basis but have not thought to repair this damage or remove this graffiti (see picture below).

The vandalised bin in Sunny Bank Wood, daubed with offensive graffiti.
The vandalised bin in Sunny Bank Wood, daubed with offensive graffiti.

I call on all of Unsworth and Whitefield’s Labour councillors to commit to rectify these problems as soon as possible and certainly well before next year’s 2016 local elections. At least if the many environmental issues such as the ones I have highlighted facing Unsworth and Whitefield were tackled by our councillors, they would be able to proudly campaign on the fact they had delivered for their voters! I doubt very much whether that will be the case.


  1. Steve Middleton May 12, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    I guess the saying goes “if you want something doing, do it yourself”. This has been reported to Bury Council under reference: REPPROB284374. Let’s see how long it takes the council to react.

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