Local teenagers attacked and robbed at Thatch Leach Lane park

I am worried and concerned to learn that a gang of eight or nine thugs attacked local teenagers on Easter Sunday at Thatch Leach Lane park, leaving one of the teenagers with a fractured skull. Greater Manchester Police say the incident happened around 7pm on the Sunday evening and as well as the vicious assault, items were stolen including a backpack and a pair of RayBan sunglasses.
Police believe the group could be responsible for a number of other attacks in the same area on Easter Sunday, during which a young girl was punched in the head and a 14-year old boy was threatened with a bottle.

The Police have said  two boys aged 16 and 17 have been arrested on suspicion of robbery and bailed pending further enquiries. Enquiries are ongoing to identify and arrest the outstanding offenders.
Whilst horrible and vicious crimes like these are thankfully rare in Besses, this is nonetheless very worrying that a large gang will think nothing of smashing a teenagers skull to steal a relatively small amount. I urge anyone who sees a large group in or near Thatch Leach Lane to call the Police and report them. Similarly, if you are witness to a similar attack, please immediately call 999 as they need to be caught as soon as possible.

I want to carry on using Thatch Leach Lane park, as I often walk my dog there. I think as a community if we watch out for each other, we can send a message to these thugs that violence like this is unacceptable where we live.