Why you should vote Lib Dem Steve Middleton for Besses ward

On May 7th I am hoping you will vote for me as your next council representative for Besses ward. I want to represent the area where I grew up on Bury Council as I am tired of seeing my home town wither under our current Labour-controlled council. Potholes go unrepaired, pavements are uneven and dangerous, weeds and flooding blight our parks and green spaces, libraries and post offices are closing and now we have the worst bin collection service in the country.

Planters on Stanway Road

Besses has some wonderful open spaces and as your councillor, representing you on Bury Council I would be pressing for our parks and fields to receive the much needed attention they require.

I will also be asking for the flower planters on Stanway Road to be weeded and stocked with flowers and plants. They are currently an eyesore and an embarrassment – this is something that could easily have been sorted out by our three Labour councillors, who have represented us over the last 3 years.

Let’s not allow Labour to ruin Besses any more. On May 7th, vote Liberal Democrat. Vote Steve Middleton.


If you are able to donate to my local election campaign, please click the button below to make an instant and secure payment by debit or credit card. Any amount will help. I cannot rely on big businesses like the Tories or union donations like Bury Labour. Your donation will be used to make contact with potential Lib Dem voters in Besses by telephone, letter and leaflet.