The Liberal Democrats Work for the Less Well Off

People are struggling to cope with rising food, fuel and mortgage bills and the politicians in Government fighting their corner are the Liberal Democrats. It’s largely thanks to them that there have been a some tax policies to help low and middle income earners who need as much help as they can get at the moment with the rising cost of living.

The Liberal Democrats achieved one of their main objectives in the budget which was to help the less well off. As a result the Government has raised the tax threshold and cut taxes for low and middle earners of which there are an estimated 20 million people. It is likely they may have had no one to press their cause without the Lib Dems in Government.

They were right to join the Government in the Coalition. It can only be positive that the Lib Dems are part of the coalition helping to introduce a more liberal prospective on policies which can be tough on anyone other than the wealthy. It is best to be part of the Government being able to tweak their proposals from the inside than being on the outside and having no power to do so, just being dismissed as the third party.

It is much easier to have a positive effect on Government policies if you are working inside it, than if you are left outside in the cold and can easily be ignored. Business Secretary Vince Cable is one of the few members of the coalition Government who has repeatedly attacked city big bonuses which are long overdue for reform. The city must take its share of the blame for landing the economy in its present mess. However individuals are not really to blame. They took bonuses when they were awarded them but the were handed out for the wrong reasons. City workers got bonuses which were calculated on the volume of business they carried out regardless of the merit of the business. There were no safeguards to ensure that the business they were being rewarded for was in fact boosting the economy. The didn’t have to look further than just getting people to sign on the bottom line so even if the business turned sour they had successfully worked towards their bonus. In the end they had done so many ‘bad’ deals, detrimental to the economy that we all suffered. As Vince Cable put it: “A bad message was sent: that unrestrained greed is acceptable.” The whole system of getting bonuses should be reformed, as the incentive was to do business regardless of the consequences.  No one wants to be in this present economic crisis again.

It is the Lib Dems whose main objective is to fight for those who work long hours for a modest wage rather than the rich and super wealthy. It is the Lib Dems who work hard for people who cannot afford to enjoy a luxury lifestyle thanks to inherited family wealth. Vince Cable is willing to stick his neck out and attack big bonuses. He is a man that understands the vast majority people who have to work hard to keep their head above water. He is still calling for “tighter control on bank pay and bonuses,” and being a determined grafter he hasn’t given up on it yet, he is still working towards it.

The Lib Dems are putting clinicians in the NHS driving seat as it is doctors and nurses who know what patients need therefore it is only right that they decide what treatment patients get, where and when. GPs, nurses and clinicians will arrange the services patients need, rather than managers who are not medically trained and are better at running businesses. Medically trained staff will decide what is needed medically in a local area, and local councils will in future be given a new role to help organize and set up the health services in a community.

Patients who suffer from long term conditions, like diabetes, don’t want to spend their life in and out of hospital, so the Lib Dems are making it easier for the NHS and local councils to work together to make sure the best patient care is provided conveniently and even perhaps in patients’ own home if that’s possible without compromising patient safety. They are committed to making sure waiting times are kept low, while at the clinical standards rise.


Lisa Armitage is a freelance writer who covers business topics relevant to small businesses across the land including finding deals on shop insurance the fight against big city bonuses which damage everyone and benefit very few.