Liberal Democrats, still on your side, 20 months on

Who could not be inspired by these words of encouragement from Jason Hunter:
“Liberal Democrats – In Government, On Your Side……20 months on from the creation of the coalition….

A labour supporter said about the LibDems:
“why would we want to be in a Coalition with a party who have been more than happy to ditch their principles just to get cabinet jobs.”

I’ll tell you why … its because you are simply wrong my friend.

The libdems went into coalition to implement libdem policy, and in this parliament they are implementing over 75% of their manifesto commitments (according to the BBC and University College London).

Taking millions of low earners out of income tax, and ensuring that all workers pay £700 less tax on the first £10,000 they earn.

Making sure that kids in school who need extra help can actually get it from the £2.5 billion in the pupil premium.

Ensuring that EVERY 18-24 year old can learn or earn with the Youth Contract starting this April.

Creating hundreds of thousands of apprenticeship places for the 55% of our 16-18 year olds that don’t go on to further education.

Creating the Green Investment Bank to create sustainable jobs for those youngsters when they finish their apprenticeships.

Triple locking pensions for the elderly to put an end to 75p increases that labour gave our elderly. It gave pensioners an extra £4.50 last year and another £5.50 this April.

Implementing a new team at HMRC to stop tax avoidance and evasion by the 350,000 wealthiest people in the nation…. not just the 5,000 that labour focussed on.

Clamping down on big business to make sure they pay taxes due in the UK… not letting them off £25 billion like Labour did with Goldman Sachs and Vodafone etc.

Breaking up the banks to ensure that if they want to gambling at the investment bank casino, they do it with their own money and not the taxpayers.

I could go on, but you get the point.

Have we done everything we wanted? No, of course not, we don’t have a majority government, we came third in GE2010 and have just 8.7% of seats in parliament.

Have we been able to stop the Tories doing everything we don’t like? No, we havnt, we are outnumbered 5 Tories to each LibDem in the coalition.

Have we influenced positive policies far beyond our expected ability? Definitely.

Have LibDem policies influenced the economy? Darn tootin they have.

Was borrowing lower last year than in 2010? Yes it was.

Have we been in recession in the last 20 months? No, we havnt. We have had consecutive growth figures every quarter.

In 2011 was the tax collected a record breaking year? Yes, it was.

When interest rates are going up around the world, ours has come down from the 4%+ that Labour left to just over 2% today, one of the lowest of all our peers.

Do we still have our triple A credit rating when those around us are losing theirs? Yes we do.

Labour say its not working, but with times around the world far worse now than during Labours governance, we are keeping our heads above water….. labour took us into two consecutive periods of recession in better times than this.

Is everything rosy? No, of course not, but are the libdems punching above their weight? Oh yeah baby, they sure are.”