A journey back in time – part 2

Continuing with my “blast from the past”, the video below is an interview with me, by Sky News presenter Colin Brazier, where I took the government to task a few years ago over it’s plans to increase tax on petrol and diesel. Also participating in the debate was Mike Rutherford from the Motorists Association and CONSERVATIVE MP Tim Yeo. While I think I made some valid points, this wasn’t my finest performance (at one point I inadvertently inferred that Tim Yeo was a Labour MP, of course I knew that he was a Tory, as Colin had just pointed it out moments before).

I guess I was a little infuriated with the idea of the already high price of fuel going up even more, simply because the Labour government at the time had little idea what else to do.


NOTE: At the time, I lived in Prestwich, Manchester – hence the introduction. I start speaking around the 4 minute mark, but it’s worth listening to the whole interview to get an idea of the issues at the time (of which, the issue of high petrol prices and car tax rates is still a big problem today).


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