ICM poll reveals Labour blamed more than coalition for economic gloom

The Guardian has published the latest ICM poll which shows that 30% of people in the UK continue to blame debts racked up by the last Labour government as the reason for the current economic crisis; only 24% blame the coalition’s spending cuts.

The voting intention poll shows Labour (38%) still with a 2 point lead over the Conservatives (36%) with Liberal Democrats increasing to 14%. Others are on 12%.

Translated into a general election, the country will still have no one single party with an outright majority and as the strongest third party, the Liberal Democrats would once again be called upon to consider it’s part in a coalition government.

The Labour Party needs to consider this poll strongly. It’s time to face up to the hand they had in the economic problems of this country, accept their part, apologise for it and stop blaming everyone else.

Dump Ed Balls and Miliband Junior – and next time prepare for proper, meaningful talks with the Liberal Democrats. In 2010 it was obvious that Labour did not want to form a government with the Liberal Democrats – come 2014 if they have the same attitude the Lib Dems could be forced into a coalition with the Conservatives again, rather than having a choice.

The full Guardian poll is here.