So impressed by Compare the Market

I don’t normally use my blog to ‘advertise’ other company’s products – for one, my blog is independent of commercial interest. If I did introduce advertising or worse blogged about products in a way destined to influence my readers (perhaps for some sort of commission), people would quite rightly stop reading it. I wouldn’t blame them!

After picking myself up off the floor on receipt of my renewal from my current insurer (£700 or £800 if I pay monthly) I used all of the car insurance comparison sites:,, etc and ended up with a very competitive £450 via Compare the Market. Having see the TV advert (all very funny) I knew that I would be entitled to a “free toy” once I had completed my purchase – and there is a seperate claims mechanism in place via to claim the toy.

The fun doesn’t end there: once you’ve successfully claimed your free toy, the residents of Meerkovo celebrate a day in your honour (by way of further thank you).

Compare the Market have proved that once a company has taken your money, they don’t have to think of you as just another customer. I wish more companies would feel the same once they have relieved us of our hard earned money.

Well done Compare the Market!