Salford Lib Dems take delivery of local election campaign helicopter

Salford Liberal Democrat candidates and campaigners were celebrating today when they took delivery of their new helicopter, to help take the local election battle to the skies.

Following a record month of donations to the local Liberal Democrat party, they have secured the use of an EC 125 T2 helicopter from today, April 1st.

Trained pilot and leader of Salford Liberal Democrats Councillor Norman Owen said “The new helicopter will prove invaluable in delivering leaflets to those hard to reach places across the city.”

Councillor Owen added “We recently learned of a Freedom of Information made request to Salford City Council which seemed to hint that Labour leader Councillor John Merry was considering a helicopter for his own uses, but we’re proud to have got their first.”

Langworthy Liberal Democrat candidate Steve Middleton said “I’m proud to be the first to ride in the new Lib Dem helicopter and it really does help us to leaflet drop in those hard to reach areas of the ward.”

Steve added “When we heard the rumour that Labour leader Councillor John Merry was taking flying lessons we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to match Labour – but our members and supporters have been amazing, however the helicopter is incredibly expensive to run and we need those donations to keep coming to ensure we keep the Liberal Democrats flying.”

You can donate to keep the yellow helicopter flying by clicking here