Keep warm this winter for free*

Six inches of snow outside and, brrrr, it’s bloody cold. For most of us that means staying indoors all week, working from home if possible, and turning the heating up another degree. But for a few households, that extra 1 degree can significantly increase your gas/electricity bill – which in the current (financial) climate, adds a strain to already thin wages.

An uninsulated house loses 33% of all heat generated through your walls, 25% through the roof and (if not double glazed or poorly fitted) 20% through the windows. Fortunately, there is something you can do about that – and it might not cost you a penny*

Although it’s quite hidden on the Salford Council website, there is help for some households which means you can get cavity wall and loft insulation free of charge.

*If you live anywhere in Salford, it does not matter if you are a homeowner or renting from either a private landlord or Salix Homes/City West – if you are over 70 years of age OR earning less than £15,592 and receiving a benefit (perhaps Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit) you WILL qualify for FREE CAVITY WALL and LOFT INSULATION.

Simply telephone Salford Council’s Affordable Warmth Team on 0161-922 8732 or email:
There is also an on-line form you can fill in to submit your request for FREE INSULATION here at:

In April 2007, Salford Council conducted an aerial thermal image scan of every household in Salford, you can check your own home’s results here:

Type in your postcode and the Council’s database will automatically check the level of heat loss from your home (levels correct as at 5th April 2007).

Don’t forget, the governments boiler scrappage scheme also started today – but you’re unlikely to benefit unless your boiler is 15 years old, or older. If you still have a G-rated boiler (pilot light permanently lit), then you could get £400 off the cost of a new one.