The Sun is setting on Labour

So after 12 years of Labour support, that cornerstone of tabloid journalism The Sun newspaper has determined that Gordon Brown’s Labour has failed Britain. What took them so long? While they may have decided that as a paper they will no longer endorse Labour, their story is hardly resounding support for a Tory government either.

After a complete list of Labour failings, the front page piece states “We hope, and pray, that the next Government will have the guts and the determination to do these things. And we believe David Cameron should lead it. Between now and the election Cameron’s Conservatives must earn voters’ trust by setting out their promising policies in detail.”

Gordon BrownSo what is The Sun saying to it’s readers? It seems the answer is: Labour have failed you, so we won’t support them – but we’re not convinced the Tories have the guts to provide Britain with the strong leadership it needs (or if they promise things, we don’t entirely trust them to deliver).

Inside The Sun asks the question “Who will you vote for?”

My answer is: I will vote for a solid, backable future for Great Britain. Neither Gordon Brown nor David Cameron can be trusted to take this country forward, but Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats have the intelligence of Vince Cable to ensure the stability of Britain and make it Great Britain again.

SIDE NOTE: Interestingly, Gordon Brown (in his keynote speech yesterday at the Labour party conference) pledged to hold a referendum on electoral reform should he win the next general election. The Liberal Democrats have been pushing for a referendum for years, but now perhaps Mr Brown has been convinced it is the right thing to do. It is.

Therefore, can we expect a similar referendum promise from The Conservatives?