Tory leader Cameron turns the air blue

Conservative leader David Cameron dropped a couple of clangers this morning on Christian O’Connell’s Absolute Radio morning slot. When asked if he used Twitter, the rather course reply was  “The trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it too many tweets might make a twat.”

What’s interesting is just before he made that rather forgetable faux-pais, he commented that “politicians do have to think about what we say” – therefore, what an odd phrase to use immediately after!

While not the worst language I have ever heard first thing in the morning, it’s something that the person who wants to be Prime Minister should try to avoid.

Later, Mr Cameron lapsed again as he discussed the impact of the expenses scandal on the reputation of MPs. He remarked: “The public are rightly, I think, pissed off – sorry I can’t say that in the morning – angry with politicians.”

Whilst a quick apology followed the phrase, I wonder if this could be a glimpse of what is to come if Cameron were to become Prime Minister. Could you imagine, the Tory leader coming under pressure from world leaders to commit troops or resources into a combat zone, while perhaps receiving conflicting advice from his closest aides?

How pissed off with the French will he become? Will he call Obama a twat?

Cameron needs to learn to control his tongue and engage brain before opening mouth – if that is possible.