‘Harry Potter’ a Lib Dem voter at the next election

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he will “almost certainly” vote for the Liberal Democrats at the next election.

The actor, who plays the title character in the fantasy franchise, told Attitude that he “rather liked” party leader Nick Clegg.

“If all the people who liked them voted for them you could change politics overnight and we could have a proper three-party system,” he explained.

Discussing current Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, he said: “Paul Merton said, and I agree with him, ‘It’s a tragedy that this man has waited all his life to do this job – and now he finds out he can’t do it’.

“I don’t like the New Labour thing. I never experienced the optimism of New Labour, I was too young but I hear everyone was up and it was fantastic. I’ve only seen the bad years of it.”

He went on to claim that Conservative leader David Cameron was “barely distinguishable” from Tony Blair, adding: “I think the reason why people don’t vote is because the politicians are all so central now, it doesn’t seem to matter who you vote for.”


  1. Chris Hall July 25, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    I saw this too (although not in attitide as I gave up reading it years ago after it resemble the HELLO of the gay press)
    As a DELGA person and LibDem, would love to have him lend his voice to both DELGA and the LibDems (he’d be ideal as a poster-boy lol!)

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