Town’s bars have licences reviewed

Back in January, I wrote about a bar in Oldham that had introduced a new promotion, All you can drink, £5.99
I condemned this promotion at the time and am glad to see that the Liberal Democrat controlled Oldham Council has decided to review the licences of all the pubs and bars in and around Yorkshire Street, which is where the majority of the town’s bars are located. 

This strong action has been taken by Oldham Council’s Trading Standards under the Licensing Act 2003, which will see all 22 bars have their licences reviewed following a spate of incidents involving town centre disorder.

Trading Standards suggestion includes introducing post office-style queuing systems and the limit of two drinks per person, in the hopes that promotions run by bars do not promote alcohol mis-use and anti-social behaviour.

You can read the full story here, on BBC New’s website.

I praise the Liberal Democrat-controlled Oldham Council and will be watching the results of the licence review, to see if it is something we could introduce here in Salford.