Heatseeker van reveals Salford homes poorly insulated

I have been spending the last month following hot on the heels of the Heatseeker van (no pun intended!) that has been driving around the streets of Salford, detecting heat-loss from poorly insulated homes in the area. With the full blessing of Salford City Council, Heatseekers is a new scheme aimed at homeowners and private tenants – with the intention of ensuring that homes are kept warm this winter.

The results have been staggering – we’ve only contacted a few hundred homeowners and private residents so far, but in the majority of cases loft insulation has either been non-existent or well under the governments current recommended level. Further, I was surprised to find many homes in Salford without cavity wall insulation (which could provide a potential saving of up to £160 per year on your energy bills alone).

Many Salfordians qualify for free loft & cavity wall insulation (those over 60 years of age or anyone on certain types of benefits), but everyone else can take advantage of heavily-subsidised prices – which will save you money and arrest the release of up to 1 tonne of CO2 per year.

We’re only a small team and Salford is a big area, so if you haven’t been contacted by the Heatseekers team yet, and want to take advantage of the scheme while it is still running, simply call Salford City Council’s hotline on 0845 390 9390,  open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Click here for press release from Salford City Council.

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