City firms ‘could fund transport’

Businesses in Greater Manchester could be asked to pay extra tax to pay for public transport improvements.

Council leaders are meeting to discuss an increase in business rates and a levy on city centre companies for each parking space they own.



  1. Steve Middleton January 31, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    BBC News’ website is reporting that this idea has been scrapped with Susan Williams, leader of Trafford Council, said the new fundraising idea was “not a workable solution”.

    The idea of hitting businesses already reduced profits during a recession was a stupid idea and I’m glad to see council chiefs have seen sense.

    This was another poorly researched plan from AGMA (The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities) who all voted in favour of yet another tax.

    When will AGMA learn we refuse to be taxed to death just to get to work?

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