Tameside works first, Salford remains a distant neighbour

I read with interest that Tameside Council has come up with a new scheme called “Trafford works first” which will invest £12m into the local economy in order to support local businesses and local traders. Their ideas include local tradesmen being hired for local repair jobs (such as cemetaries, schools & building repairs) and also aboloshing car parking charges.

Tameside Council have said the reason behind the scheme is to boost the borough’s economy and safeguard local jobs. It said that £2M of the money would go to support local jobs.

Ashton-under-Lyne will get free car parking on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays with Councillors also pledging to pay bills within 10 days to help the cash-flow of local businesses and contractors.

Council leader Roy Oldham was quoted as saying “Our priorities are and must be our own local community, so our focus will be on helping small and medium-sized businesses to survive during the difficult times that lie ahead.”

For once a Labour-controlled council has astounded me with their common sense and duty to their taxpayers.
It almost makes me want to move to Tameside, as I’m sure with our current leaders here ‘across the border’ in Salford, we’d be highly unlikely to see the same scheme introduced here.

Come on Salford Council, prove me wrong!