All you can drink, £5.99

While I’m not one to be out every night drinking my brain cells away, I do like the occasional tipple, but I was quite astonished that The Tokyo Club in Oldham has stooped to a new low. All you can drink for less than £6. I can’t get lunch for less than that these days – but apparently now it’s possible to drink solidly for four hours for just about the national minimum wage.

It’s a sad reflection on our culture that bar owners see this as a solution for their businesses to survive the economic slump.

The Tokyo Bar is promoting and condoning binge-drinking, which is one of the major causes of accident and emergency admissions (over 1 million A & E admissions last year were alcohol-related).

Didn’t we introduce longer licencing laws to try and combat the very problem of drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short space of time?

All you can drink for £5.99 can’t be the answer.


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