Should the BBC & Sky show the Gaza humanitarian appeal?

The press get critised a lot these days for putting their own “spin” on a story, in order to make it sell or at least ensure it’s watched more than the other channel (or read more than the other paper). But I think if we live in a society of free speech and aim to have a truly independent press and media, then we should occasionally expect decisions such as the BBC’s latest; to refuse to broadcast the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Gaza huminatarian appeal.

I’m not saying I agree with their decision not to show the appeal (Sky have still yet to make their minds up), but I do agree that the producers and editors have the freedom to choose what programmes, advertisements or appeals they show.

One could offer a comparison with the bus company that decided it would be a good idea to allow their advertising space to carry the banner “there’s probably no god”. While not everyone in the bus company agreed with the advertisement (including the bus driver that refused to drive those buses), it still chose to carry them anyway.

It’s free speech or communism………….I know which one I choose.