Destruction of our heritage – thanks Hazel Blears

BBC News is reporting that in Openshaw, 550 victorian terraced houses are to be demolished to make way for 400 townhouses. This is reportedly supported by Labour MP Hazel Blears (my local MP and also communities secretary). The situation in Openshaw mirrors events currently going on in my own hometown of Salford,  Lancashire.

While I am not against removing slum areas and replacing them with affordable, good quality housing in areas that have a chronic housing shortage (i.e. Salford), it pains me to watch on a daily basis as architecturally beautiful houses are bulldozed to make way for boring apartment blocks and faceless square blocks.

In Lewisham, South East London where I lived during the 1990s, their is a campaign to save post-war pre-fabricated houses by declaring them listed. 

My point is, if we can save pre-fabricated buildings, can we not save our historic victorian houses, which with sympathetic refurbishment could provide modern homes that have character and are a pleasure to live in? I am proud of my 100+ year old house and would wish that for any home-owner or tenant. How can we expect those that occupy faceless and boring boxes to be proud of their homes when our council cannot be bothered to create neighborhoods that we are proud to live in?