1 president, 10 balls and 100 days

Americans sure know how to celebrate a change of leadership. How could anyone who watched Barack Obama’s inauguration fail to be uplifted by the millions that turned out in near-freezing conditions to watch this fantastic spectacle unfold. How impressed I was when Obama corrected the Chief Justice, as he incorrectly read the oath of office for the president-elect to recite.

But Obama really impressed me on day 1, immediately announcing several key presidential orders including a pay freeze on senior white house staff and curbs on lobbying, including bans on gifts for government officials. He promised to hit the ground running, but perhaps we didn’t expect him to dance through 10 balls and still be in the office at 8.30am the following day.

The Democrats ran the Obama/Biden campaign on the message of change. With day 1 under his belt, the new US government have started well – time will tell if they can deliver new hope to the western world as we try to deal with one of the worst financial downturns in our lifetimes.

I will be watching the following 99 days with interest. Thank you President Obama, for giving the rest of us something to aim for.