The end of an error

Well today is the much-publicised US presidential inauguration. Woke up on this rather chilly morning to Sky News coverage of the build-up towards today’s hand-over of power.

Could not help but chuckle when my other half spotted someone in the crowd waving a placard bearing the message “The end of an error”.


The end of an error January 20th 2009
The end of an error January 20th 2009



It is unusual to see such dry wit from Americans, but in this case I believe the best form of compliment I can offer is a promise to copy that placard and wave it in Gordon Brown’s face at the next election. In fact, I think before then it would be nice be at the main entrance of Salford’s Civic Centre and wave it under Councillor John Merry’s chin as he exits the building for the final time. 

The end of an error, indeed.