An opinion on most things

Welcome to my new blog.

As I was creating this I was reminded of the time a researcher called me from Sky News to see if I was interested in appearing on The Martin Stanford show. This was a short lived experiment by Sky, a kind of “call-in show with webcams”. I had previously appeared on The Martin Stanford show a couple of times, so I was obviously on some kind of ‘desperate’ call back list (I assume they needed someone to come on quickly).

So, telephone rings, “Hi, this is XXX from Sky News, we were wondering if you would like to appear on Martin Stanford’s show this evening, according to our records you have an opinion on most things”

At that point I think I said I wasn’t interested/was busy and hung up.
They haven’t called back for a good while now 🙂

Anyway, they were right, I do have an opinion on most things – this seems the perfect place to vent!!!