Unsworth local election debate sponsored by Spotted Unsworth: uncut

Last night I sat on the candidate’s panel of the very first Unsworth ward local election debate, featuring the 3 candidates vying for your vote in the upcoming local election on Thursday 3rd May 2018.

Seated from left to right, Satyen Sinha (Conservative), Steve Middleton (Liberal Democrat), Michael Hope (Spotted Unsworth: uncut & chair of the debate) and Tahir Rafiq (Labour).

We all answered questions from Michael, the attending audience and questions sent in via the viewers on Facebook. The video is in two parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I was fairly pleased with my performance, but was feeling the pressure a bit (I am not accustomed to public speaking), so I did waffle a bit at times – sorry about that. It was fairly clear to me that the other 2 candidates from the Tories and Labour had no local record, had not been involved in anything around Unsworth for too long and in the case of the Labour candidate, he only wanted people to vote for him because Labour we in charge of the council!

I hope you all get chance to watch some of the debate before you cast your vote. Please make your own minds up!