Salford Council losses just keep adding up

Figures just released by Salford Council show that last year, two events they hosted and paid for “on behalf of the city”, lost almost £400,000 of taxpayer’s money. The Proms in the Park which was held in Buile Hill Park and broadcast live by the BBC lost £199,500 in 2010 and The Ice Rink (which was moved to The Quays last Christmas in a last ditch, desperate attempt to stem the losses of previous years), lost £154,300.

Neither the Proms in the Park nor the Ice Rink has ever made a profit for Salford Council and the cumulative losses for both make difficult reading.

The Proms has now been running for 3 years in Salford (televised twice) and the cumulative losses for 2008-2010 are £486,400 and the Ice Rink’s cumulative losses for 2007-2010 are £470,400.

Each year since the “Pink Rink” first started in 2007 (the Proms event was first held in 2008), Salford Liberal Democrats made it clear to our Labour-controlled Council that we did not believe these events provided value for money for our taxpayers. Each year we were ignored and the losses increased.

Finally, Salford Labour have seen sense and neither event will be held in 2011 but the total losses to date speak for themselves. Almost £1 million pounds lost by the Council on efforts to make Salford look good on the BBC and provide some subsidised ice skating for children.

What could that £1 million pounds have paid for if not frittered away by Salford Labour? Council jobs saved? Charlestown, Irlam & Cadishead Libraries prevented from closing? Stopped the now-planned increase in car parking charges across the city? Paid for full staffing for Salford’s Citizens Advice Bureaux for the next 3 years? No cuts in Graffiti or street cleaning?

The list is endless, that £1 million pounds would have gone a long way to saving essential services instead it was frittered away by a Labour council that has got it’s priorities all wrong and is content to blame the coalition government for everything.

It’s time for a change on Salford Council. In approximately 2 months time we go to the polls again in the local elections and you can rid this city of the wasting, whinging Labour and elect a Liberal Democrat councillor who will work hard for YOU!

Vote Liberal Democrat on May 5th.


  1. Lionheart March 3, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    When you talk about the working class Richard is that the class you aspire to join one day ??

  2. Richard Carvath March 2, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    Totally agree Steve (apart perhaps from the bit about electing Lib Dem councillors).

    The money Salford Labour wastes is staggering.

    When did local councils first get the idea that one of their functions was to provide entertainment at taxpayers’ expense?

    What chance that Salford Labour can perfect value-for-money delivery of core services before pink rinks?

    I know John Merry will trot out his usual justification that his pink rinks and other silly loss-making gimmicks raise Salford’s profile and attract investment – which I think is unproven hogwash – but what I’d really like to know is how any party which claims to represent the interests of the working class can waste money like Salford Labour does, as a result of which core services suffer, and yet remain in power year after year, decade after decade.

    The normal thing is that atrocious elected representatives are voted out, yet this never happens with Labour in Salford. Why?

    P.S. I hope you Salford Lib Dems have the Kleenex ready for Walkden North tomorrow – and the May elections – as I reckon you’re going to need it.

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